Data and Statistics

Caution is required when dealing with data and statistics, as they are not always of superior quality. The sources mentioned below are official sources that work on a secure database.

Comtrade contains export- and import statistics for 200 countries. The data can be shown in a categorized and sorted order and is partly available starting from 1962.

DESTATIS is a publication service of the federal statistical bureau of Germany. It contains data and facts to indicators, the whole economy, the environment, economy departments, society, the state and its counties and regions as well as publications, such as the statistical yearbook and quality reports to several subjects.

Eurostat is the statistical bureau of the European Union. It offers statistics regarding the EU, which allows a comparison of countries and regions. The offered data is being collected by the EU member states and is prepared and presented by Eurostat. The statistics cover topics such as economy, finances, international trade, sciences and technology, population, social affairs as well as agriculture, forestry and fishery.

FADN is the Farm Accountancy Data Network of the European commission. It contains data from 80.000 agricultural main income businesses in the EU. All in all, it includes 1.000 variables that focus on economic, physical and structural data. The acquisition of the data is not done by the European commission, but by the member states.

FAOSTAT is a database of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN. It collects and creates statistics to the subjects production, trade, food safety, food balance sheets, prices, investments, inputs, population, emissions, forestry and agriculture, which can be sorted by country or region.

International Monetary Fund
The online library of the International Monetary Fund includes e-books with analysis, working papers and country reports and periodicals such as year reports and statistics to balance of payment, trade directions, state and international finances. The statistics include macroeconomic data to various countries, such as exchange rates, resource prices, price index and economical balances. This data has been collected since the 1940s and is being offered monthly, every quarter year or yearly.

OECD.Stat.Extracts contains data and metadata to statistics from member states and non-member states. The data is available for single countries as well as for regions and covers subjects such as health, agriculture, fishery, finances, globalization and development.

Statistische Landesämter der BundesländerThe statistical bureaus of the German counties offer county specific information and statistics regarding population, regions, households, families, health, social issues, building and living, economy and prices, agriculture, employment, income, labor costs as well as education, culture and law. Furthermore, results of the Zensus and statistical reports as well as year books are available.

World DataBank
The World DataBank contains information and statistics from the entire world and offers them on different databases. Part of the 59 databases are for example the world development indicatiors, poverty and justice, export and health, nutrition and population.