• Bachelor and Master theses are available in the respective institutes.
  • When accessing databases via Ovid, Advanced Search is preinstalled on Keyword. It is recommended to use Advances Search to search for titles or a Multifield Search for all fields.
  • The scientific journals and databases on publisher sites are only available for certain journals and certain periods of time. Access is only possible if the University had or has a subscription for the wanted journal in the wanted period.
  • When access is carried out via Ovid (and on other databases as well), it is possible to save search requests after a registration in your personal account.
  • Through the linking service “UB Kiel zum Text” (“Kiel University Library – access to the text) that some databases such as PubMed or Web of Science as well as access portals such as Ovid or EBSCO HOST offer, the access to full text articles is made easy. Furthermore, other ways to the article are shown.
  • The electronic journals library (EZB) contains all journals sorted by field. With the help of the traffic light system, it is possible to see when journals are available as well as the time frame for each journal.
  • Besides the Kiel University library, the central library for economics (ZBW) has access to bibliographies and journals. The ZBW offers online journals as well as print issues.
  • Through publisher sites such as Wiley Online Library and ScienceDirect, single issues of journals or all issues of a journal can be found.
  • To edit or save literature, literature administration programs can be useful. Citavi for Microsoft Windows is available through the Rechenzentrum of the CAU. Apart from Citavi, other programs exist, such as EndNote, Zotero or Mendeley.